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Dhabha On Wheels is offering authentic North Indian food at your door steps. This is my passion to bring flavoursome food to everyone. All of my curry’s are made with freshly grind masala and carefully sourced ingredients.

All of our recipes are traditional family recipes that was passed down through generation. I take pride on my culinary expertise that I learned from my mother.

I grew up inhaling the aroma of spices fills the air, when my mother used to cook in the kitchen, creating an inviting atmosphere. I was always eager to learn my mother’s cooking during my childhood. With her warm smile, she used to invite me to join her in the cooking process. She would hand me a mortar and pestle and show how to grind the spices to make a fresh masala. While making curry, she would adjust the flavours and improvise based on personal preferences. Throughout the cooking process, we bond over shared memories and laughter. Cooking is not only valuable like skill but a beautiful way to connect with one’s culture and heritage.

Last but not least, you can receive my mother's recipe and learn how to cook by visiting her Youtube Channel.

Follow Poonam Vohra on her YouTube-@poonamvohra7601.

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